Multi-talented Actress, Singer & Dancer Who Started Her Career As Disney's Teen Star In "Shake It Up"

Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya Is Known To Say ...

"Fashion Is A Great Thing. It Is A Way To Express Who You Are" ...

… and for Zendaya, expressing herself through fashion has become a true art form !

Next to being a very articulate, inspiring and confident young woman, she is probably one of the overall best styled women in the world, certainly one of the most memorable female celebrity trendsetters out there (and I am referring to both her red carpet gowns as well as all her other ready-to-wear / casual styles). Kudos for Zendaya’s stylist as well.

Zendaya is one of these women, who doesn’t fear to be herself, someone who even makes looking different appealing to us all. As she says herself “Not everyone has to like what I am wearing. The whole point about fashion is .. it’s supposed to be a discussion” 

What an insightful young lady. No wonder so many teens and women look up to her. It is always a treat for the eyes to see her arrive anywhere.

She is the definition of class, elegance, style and sex appeal all at once and you can bet she is as feminine as can be, no matter what style she is wearing. Nine times out of ten, you will see her accessorize in high heels. You could say she is a true stiletto ambassador and you wouldn’t be wrong. 

That is why I managed to already find over a hundred different picture sets of Zendaya to start with in some of her most stunning outfits wearing 4 to 6 inch heels. And I am sure many more will follow.

So go ahead and enjoy Zendaya in …. stiletto and other heels.

Dan Brown

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