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If you think about it, the Stiletto heel, besides being a global billion dollar industry, is not only THE most coveted type of shoe in the world, it is the object of a woman’s elegance ; man’s fascination in women who wear them ; it completes the ceo’s self-confident, authoritative posture and the secretary’s professional look ; it provides a sense of sexy and / or sofistication on stage ; it gives the artist his or her inspiration and yes … it sometimes even is considered an object of lust or part of an erotic fantasy.

Whatever position you have on the Stiletto Heel, from everyday life … to the bedroom … to the office … to nightlife … to the stage … to the movie set … to the catwalk … to the red carpet … to a debutante ball … to a royal wedding, there is no ignoring it.

Stiletto Exhibit is a research archive, a tribute to the stiletto heel, in which we aim to show it’s versatility ; accessorizing what fashion ; worn to which occasions and by whom.

We are unaware of any accessory, besides maybe jewels, this versatile and /or more deserving the effort which undoubtedly designing, building and maintaining this online stiletto photo library, archive and exhibit is gonna take.

Stiletto Exhibit’s concept and design is created by me, Dan Brown, but it is my aspiration and ambition it may one day become a worldwide community of stiletto loving contributors and visitors, together in praise of the stiletto’s beautifully appealing shape, the excellent craftsmanship of it’s designers and all the gorgeous women who made / make the stiletto heel what it is today by wearing them (despite not always being the most comfortable footwear).

The Exhibit will be the place where virtual exhibitions are held ; the place to find stiletto fashionistas, art and / or the presentation of professional photo collections.

For all other stiletto lovers we will have our themed galleries, with over time a massive archive going back decades.

It is our fervent hope you will enjoy as much browsing this virtual exhibit as we do creating it.

Dan Brown

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